Paul Ryan stumps for Jay Webber in Whippany

You know a race is a battleground when candidates pull in the big guns. Wednesday, Republican Jay Webber pulled in House Speaker Paul Ryan to give him an edge over Mikie Sherrill — a Democrat who’s giving Webber a run for his money in the staunchly Republican 11th District.

“The left, they’ve just come unhinged. Nancy Pelosi and her clones running for Congress. Montclair Mikie, is that what we say? Nancy Pelosi and her clones running for Congress are going hard left. They want to get rid of just controlling our border. They want to have socialized medicine and take over and bankrupt Medicare. They want to undue all of the tax cuts and raise all of our taxes. They want to move us so far left that we wouldn’t even recognize ourselves. They don’t even call them progressives anymore, they call themselves Democratic socialists. It’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen,” Ryan said.

A Monmouth Poll released last week gave Sherrill a slight edge in a race that’s a statistical dead heat.