PATH Riders Frustrated with Service Interruptions, Fare Hike

By Christie Duffy

A Port Authority worker said crews “rushed it” when they tried to fix the PATH the first time, which could explain why service was suspended twice in two days. It was reinstated just in time for this morning’s commute.

A see-saw that riders were happy to get off.

“It was rough,” said Adam Berberich of Hoboken.

“I had to go all the way down to World Trade so I’m about a half hour behind schedule because of that,” said Gayle Arnum of Queens.

Some this morning snapped pictures of smiley faced signs announcing the PATH is back.

Riders were also sure to photograph their experience at the World Trade Center — the only PATH depot in Manhattan still up and running over the past two days.

“It’s very frustrating, disappointing because, you know, everyone from Hoboken Journal Square pack in World Trade Center. Can you imagine?” asked Connie Rosete of Jersey City.

Now imagine paying more money. Starting next week, that’s be the reality. Each time you pass through the turnstiles, it’ll cost you 25 cents more.

When asked if he knew that fares were going up next week, Berberich said, “Ew. That’s no good.”

“I don’t want to. But I have no choice,” said Rosete.

The rate hike stretches back to 2011 when the Port Authority decided to pump up their PATH revenues by a dollar, from $1.75 to $2.75.

To put things into perspective, if you ride the PATH train every day to work, you probably use an unlimited 30-day SmartLink Card.

Back in 2011, you were paying $54 a month for it. Now, you’ll be paying 60 percent more at $89 a month, pushing your yearly PATH expenses from where they stood at $648 to over $1,000 every year.

As riders pay more, so does the Port Authority. The PATH is three times as expensive as the New York City subway. And the deficit that this train is riding on is expected to grow to nearly half a billion dollars in the next four years.

To bridge that gap, Port Authority officials have said rate hikes are needed.

Will PATH riders see any of the money again? The Port Authority said your extra dollar would go toward 340 new PATH cars, installing a new signal system and upgrading the 100-year-old duct banks which carries cable down the track. The Port Authority said a splice between new and older cable is what caused all the smoke and why officials cut power over the past couple of days.