Outrage Aimed at MacArthur in Town Hall Following AHCA Revival

By Michael Hill

Freshman Republican Congressman Tom MacArthur withstanding the blowback of writing the amendment that revived the American Health Care Act — an amendment that got conservatives on board by allowing states to opt out of requirements and pricing protections for pre-existing conditions.

“If states want to have some flexibility, try to bring rates down again and get more people insured, that is where these waivers exist. That is the only place they exist, and they only exist for people that have not had continuous coverage in the individual market who have a condition,” MacArthur said.

“You have been the single greatest threat to my family in the entire world. You are the reason I stay up at night,” said Pine Beach resident Geoff Ginter.

Ginter typified the outrage aimed at MacArthur, who captured 12 percent of the vote in this Democrat stronghold. He reminded the congressman of his options in going to Washington.

“Don’t be obstructionist or make something better when there was a horrible bill available to you from a horrible group of people who believe that we don’t deserve health insurance,” Ginter said.

Constituents quizzed MacArthur about the Russia investigation and whether he supports an independent prosecutor.

“The answer is no, not yet,” MacArthur said.

What would MacArthur need to see to support an independent prosecutor? He said the result of the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation.

“How is it ever going to finished if you keep firing the people that are investigating it?” asked one audience member.