Online Rollout of Obamacare Delayed for Small Businesses

By Mike Schneider
Managing Editor

The Obama administration announced today that small businesses won’t be able to use the federal government health insurance website until November of next year. This applies to small businesses in New Jersey and the 35 other states where the federal government is running the health insurance exchanges.

All that, just one day after Gov. Chris Christie blasted Obamacare.

“This is a disaster, and it was a train wreck that anybody who has managed anything ever in their lives could have seen coming. We wrote by the way, in 2010 to the administration then Commissioner Considine did saying, Mr. President under this law we’ve done the analysis, you can not keep your insurance if you like it. We wrote to them in 2010 about that,” Christie said.

The Christie administration has decided to let health insurance companies decide whether they want to renew or reinstate policies that were being cancelled for failing to meet Obamacare standards.

Insurance Commissioner Ken Kobylowski issued that order but didn’t want to talk about that today when we caught up with him at a Thanksgiving day of service.

“It’s not what we’re here about today so I’m not going to address that today,” said Kobylowski.