One on One with Senator Loretta Weinberg

During a one-on-one interview with Mike Schneider, Senator Loretta Weinberg touched upon a wide-range of topics including Chris Christie, his push to amend judges’ salaries, her own re-election campaign, and the controversy surrounding MF Global, the brokerage firm led by former Governor Jon Corzine.

On Christie, Weinberg says that she does not take his verbal attacks personally, claiming the Governor is consistent in his “pejorative” treatment of other female legislators.

As for Christie’s latest battle — this time involving judges’ salaries — Weinberg believes the issue will be determined by the legal definition of “salary.”

When asked about Jon Corzine and his embattled brokerage firm, MF Gobal, Weinberg says that while she has had little contact with her former running mate, she vouches for his honesty and integrity.