Oct. 12, 2016: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

When voters consider expanding casinos in North Jersey, horse racing may hinge on their decision. Could horse farms become strip malls?

When students accept college loans and can’t repay them due to dire circumstances or even death, debt collectors can play hard ball. Now there’s help.

Overpaying for health care? Tens of thousands of Obamacare clients are eligible for subsidies and don’t know it.

Trenton Makes Music. From Kool to hip to Lady Marmalade. A collegiate team tries to catalog it all, even as they tune up more tunes.

The lighthouse challenge kicks off this weekend. You can see them all in two days. But we’ll give you a preview of twins tonight.

And introduce you to caped crusaders and costumed candidates in a surfing competition that’s charitable, spooky and kooky.