Nov. 8, 2016: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

The acrimonious campaign season sent Jersey voters to the polls in droves. On the ballot: candidates for president and 12 members of Congress. Who benefited from the high turnout here?

Record-breaking spending for an issue on the New Jersey ballot. Should the state allow two casinos in North Jersey? Did the public opinion polls overwhelmingly against it hold true?

Voters couldn’t roll back the gas tax hike, but were asked to decide how the money gets spent. “Yes” dedicates it to transportation projects only. “No” would limit the states ability to borrow a bundle.

A presidential race for the ages turns in to an election night for the ages. No projection of a winner, but Donald Trump is scoring big as polls close in Democrat-rich states out west.

This galvanizing election has voters turning out in droves, judging by long lines outside polling places. We’ll take the pulse of the people.

Camps Clinton and Trump raised a mind-blowing amount of money to get your vote. Who raised the most?

The most expensive congressional race in the state is an uphill fight to unseat a seven-term Republican. What message are voters giving Scott Garrett?

They can’t vote but communities have a “lock” on benefiting from their presence. But, for how much longer?

And Atlantic City rolled the dice and lost. The state for a second time has rejected its plan to save itself from a state takeover. Now all bets are off.