NJSEA CEO Says Super Bowl Will Be Convenient For Attendees

With the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium approaching this February, CEO of the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority Wayne Hasenbalg told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that the goal of the NJSEA is to make the day of the Super Bowl as convenient as possible for those attending the game.

Hasenbalg said that planning for the Super Bowl is pretty far along because officials have been planing for a year and a half at this point. Weather is going to be the biggest challenge that might be faced on game day, but the NJSEA has been planning for every contingency, he said.

“I think Super Bowl is one event that people are to go no matter what the weather is. Our job is to make it as convenient as possible and deal with weather conditions and we have been working at that. We have great partners at New Jersey Transit and DOT and MetLife Stadium too,” Hasenbalg said.

A factor that the NJSEA is taking into account is that this not a typical game where mostly New Jersey and New York residents are attending. A lot of people will be traveling to the game from out of the state, so traffic patterns will be different, Hasenbalg said.

As for parking on game day, there are around 11,000 spots and the NFL is going to be building seven “welcome” pavilions, which are large tent structures with heat that people will enter, Hasenbalg explained.

“There will not be what I would call traditional New Jersey tailgating. You’re not going to be able to put up tents. You’re not to be able to take more than one space because parking is so limited. We really need to enforce one space,” Hasenbalg said.

The NFL will decide if barbecue grills in trucks will be permitted, he said. “At the end of the day, we are going to be reasonable and accommodating,” Hasenbalg said.

There are still Super Bowl related events that have yet to be announced, but they will be sometime between now and the Super Bowl, Hasenbalg said. He cannot confirm at this point if those events will be held in New Jersey or New York.

As for the American Dream building, Hasenbalg said great progress has been made in the financing of the building. A revised plan for the exterior of the building is going to be presented to the NJSEA, he said. The NJSEA will have to approve the revision plans.

The fight between the Giants and the Jets has not be resolved right now but all parties are still talking, according to Hasenbalg.

“I really can’t get into the litigation, but I encourage that all of the parties are still talking. At the end of the day, if they keep talking, I am really optimistic that the issues will be resolved,” Hasenbalg said.