Charter School CEO Says Students Learn Better With iPads Than Textbooks

Technology is becoming a large part of education in Hackensack and North Jersey Arts and Sciences Charter School CEO Nihat Guvercin told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that iPads help students learn better than textbooks.

The program was started two years ago with ninth grade students and it was then extended to all high school students. All the students on the Hackensack campus have iPads now and have one-on-one iPad education, Guvercin said.

In the future, Guvercin hopes to extend the program to middle school and elementary school students as well. He said that the program is funded by the charter school’s general funds so they are able to utilize the resources to support technology integration.

When asked if students learn better with iPads as opposed to traditional textbooks, Guvercin said iPad education absolutely helps students learn better and engage more.

“It leads to curiosity. It helps them engage more and to learn better. With today’s technology, everything is available at their fingers, and what tablet technology students have an opportunity that they haven’t been given before is to be able to access any information at the time they need it,” Guvercin said.

The school provides all of the essential applications the students need on the iPads, as well as digital textbooks, Guvercin said.

Guvercin thinks that the iPads are helping students interact better with their teachers and classmates. He said students can exchange information and resources with the iPads.

“The opportunity given by the iPad education is endless,” Guvercin said.