NJ Democratic Party Chairman Says Obama Has Moved Country Forward Despite GOP Obstructionism

As the Democratic National Convention gets underway in Charlotte, Democrats are hoping to have a more positive reaction than Republicans did at their convention last week. Assemblyman John Wisniewski, the Democratic party chairman for the state, is confident that Barack Obama will win New Jersey and the nation for a second term as president. He told NJ Today Managing Editor Mike Schneider that the Republican Party is out of touch and the voting public will recognize that they are better off now than they were four years ago even though there is more work to be done.

Early polls after the RNC wrapped up in Tampa last week have shown Republicans didn’t get a positive change in poll numbers. Wisniewski said he wasn’t surprised. “I think anybody who watched the Republican convention will understand why the Republicans got no bump,” he said. “They had a group of Republican governors come who were supposed to talk about the Romney campaign and Mitt Romney’s candidacy. They only talked about themselves, including Chris Christie.”

Even when the Republicans were on message, Wisniewski said their policies didn’t make sense. “What we saw is a party that wants to protect the wealthiest in this country, who want to continue the experiment with trickle down economics which hasn’t worked. They want to continue with deregulation which nearly crashed our financial system,” he said. “You see the Republican Party out of touch with reality.”


Wisniewski said the Democratic National Convention will offer a nice contrast. “We’re going to see an administration who has presided over 29 months of job growth, an administration that has rescued our health care system, an administration that has restored confidence in our financial system,” he said. “We’re going to see a very clear distinction between what the Republicans offer and what Barack Obama and Joe Biden offer.”

When asked if Americans are better off now than they were four years ago, Wisniewski said they are, but the country is not where it should be. Part of the reason the country hasn’t fully recovered, according to Wisniewski, is what he calls the “obstructionist Republican Congress,” which stops Obama from taking more action.

“They have said on the floor of the House, on the floor of the U.S. Senate that they will oppose anything the president proposes simply for partisan advantage,” Wisniewski said. “That’s not how our country should run, that’s not how the Republicans should be working their side of the House of Representatives and it’s certainly not something that should be rewarded.”

Wisniewski is optimistic that voters will side with the Democrats. “I think the American people this November are going to go to the polls and they’re going to say enough of the gridlock, enough of Republican obstructionism, enough of Republicans trying to dismantle everything that’s important to Americans and they’re going to reelect Barack Obama/Joe Biden and they’re going to return a majority to the House of Representatives,” he said.