Newark Leads the Way in Auto Accident Fatalities in the State

New Jersey had almost 600 fatal crashes in 2011 with 635 people losing their lives. According to state police, that’s the highest fatality rate since 2007. Essex County had the most deaths, 52, with the majority occurring in Newark. The city has several dangerous intersections along Broad Street, one of the top three most dangerous in the county. Officials are working to make the roadways safer for pedestrians by adding traffic islands, which give pedestrians a safe area to stand and also help slow vehicles by giving drivers the perception that the road is narrower. NJToday’s David Cruz files this report from Newark.


Pedestrians say crossing Broad Street in Newark is very dangerous, especially for senior citizens. While officials are in the midst of completing a traffic improvement plan along the roadway, they urge pedestrians to obey traffic signals and only cross at intersections for their own safety.