New Jerseyans React to Christie’s RNC Keynote Address

By Desirée Taylor
NJ Today

Effective and passionate communicator or too bombastic? Opinions about Gov. Chris Christie’s keynote speech at the Republican National Convention vary greatly even in Livingston where Christie grew up.

“I think his speech helped the Republican Party,” said Livingston resident Deena Oksenhorn. “I think it was a good speech.”

But Ana Echeverria of Pomona, N.Y. had a much different perspective. She said it was not an inspiring speech. “It’s a speech I’ve heard before … but he’s not boring,” she said.


David Redlawsk, of Rutgers Eagleton Institute of Politics, believes Christie did what he was supposed to do to “fire up the Republican troops.” But he questioned why Christie waited so long to mention the Republican presidential nominee’s name, Mitt Romney. “Christie waited until he was two-thirds into the speech to mention Romney,” said Redlawsk. “My wife said, who is running for president here?”

Despite different opinions about Christie’s speech, residents we spoke with on both sides of the political aisle believe he did accomplish one thing — he set the stage for a possible run for president in 2016 if Romney loses this year and he decides to throw his hat into the ring.