New Jerseyans React to Inauguration Day

By Lauren Wanko
NJ Today

Supporters cheered on President Barack Obama in Washington , D.C. today. But in New Jersey, Bayville resident Lou Fellner wasn’t as optimistic about the president’s inauguration.

“I think he should get real, I don’t think he should increase the debt anymore. I think he should look for ways of reducing the federal budget so the next generation is not going to be saddled with the debt that they currently have,” said Fellner.

“You can’t fix eight years of mistakes, two unfunded wars that has added to our debt and tax breaks for the ultra wealthy in four years,” countered Kevin Barron of Ocean County Democrats. “So in the first four years of the president’s term, he made a great deal of progress in trying to bring this country forward.”

Neptune City resident Destiny Dean was of the same opinion, saying “look at what [Obama] came into, how much can a man do in such short time? What he has done was great.”


For some residents along the storm-battered Jersey coast, Sandy relief assistance should be the president’s top priority.

“He’s gotta take care of New Jersey first,” said Lavallette homewner Joe Kobylarz.

Belmar Paint and Decorating President RJ Langbein says over the past four years sales have dropped but that business has picked up since Sandy devastated the region.

“I’d like to see the president stimulate job growth. I know in this area a lot of people are contractors and painters and they’ve been hurting for the last couple of years,” said Langbein.

On this inauguration day, opinions on the country’s future vary from optimism to concerns but Americans remain united by their patriotism.