New Jersey Politicians Weigh In on Vice Presidential Debate

Early polls after the vice presidential debate last night were mixed. A CBS survey of uncommitted voters shows that 50 percent chose Democrat Joe Biden as the winner while 31 percent said Republican Paul Ryan was victorious. But CNN found 48 percent of registered voters they surveyed said Ryan won while 44 percent chose Biden.

Garden State politicians from both parties are claiming victory.


“I think Joe Biden was so upset that President Obama basically got knocked out of the box that he came out swinging for the fences and when he swings for the fences, it looks like an out of control as I said cheerleader for a Democratic position,” said Republican Assemblyman Jon Bramnick. “And I think the objective listener is going to look at that debate and say Paul Ryan looks like the real deal.”

“Joe Biden did an extraordinary job, showed a command of the facts, showed an empathy for the American middle class that is under assault by Republican policies,” said Democratic Assemblyman John Wisniewski. “[People are] voting for a ticket that includes vice president as a person who, at a moment’s notice may have to stand in and become president of the United States. And what I think Joe Biden showed most of all is that he’s a person who’s qualified to be vice president should God forbid those circumstances come up.”

And unlike last week’s presidential debate, there’s been bipartisan praise for the moderator, Martha Raddatz of ABC News.