New Jersey Politicians Split On Second Presidential Debate

Both Democrats and Republicans are declaring victory after last night’s second presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney. Democrats felt the president took it too easy during the first one, but last night the situation was different.


“Someone said, ‘What did you think of the first debate?’ I said Obama took it easy and Romney lied for an hour and a half,” said Senate President Stephen Sweeney. “But this one here, I said I think the president was very aggressive. I think he clearly won the debate and I know he’s energized his base, which is the Democratic Party.”

Senate Minority Leader Thomas Kean had a different take. “The president performed abysmally in the first debate so any performance above abysmal was an improved performance. And I think what people are seeing and what we need in a leader is consistency in leadership and to explain your message in a clear and compelling way,” he said. And what Mitt Romney did as well as what Paul Ryan did, was show in a very clear and consistent way why they should be leaders, how they can bring people together and offer real solutions.”