MSU Students Pitch Ideas for $10,000 Prize

By Michael Hill

Ten Montclair State University teams pitched their creations to win $10,000 from billionaire AJ Khubani. The MC: the OxiClean pitchman, Anthony “Sully” Sullivan. The judges: Khubani and his friends WPLJ’s Todd Pettengill and music producer Randy Jackson. It was “Shark Tank” meets “American Idol.”

Among the ideas, an app to post pictures and more anonymously.

“It’d give people an outlet to express themselves without being ridiculed by their peers,” Sophomore Peter Kalogeropoulos said.

“I’m very interested if you’ve had any negative feedback in the fact that it’s anonymous postings,” Pettengill said.

“The things about the app is that it’s really hard to make money at the app business,” Khubani said.

How about a hand accessory to carry your pepper spray?

“I need your guys help to help protect women,” Marketing Major Kessia Khadine Williams said.

“Listen I think it’s a great, great concept. I think somebody’s gotta do something and I think it’s good that you’re thinking about that,” Jackson said.

A cooler and more for tailgating.

“The Pregamer is the world’s first cooler with a built-in 8 foot long portable table,” said Senior Jacqueline Busichio.

I think the name might be a problem because right away you’re making your market tiny,” Pettengill said.

Other ideas: a more accurate way to deliver doses of liquid medicine. Or a programmable talking app to remind you of your to-dos.

“With ReminU all you have to do is use the reminder technology that we’re all accustomed to that are right on our phone and type in my reminder, for example ‘take my medication’ and it transfers the data over to a hardware,” said Ashley Zahabian, Economics Major.

“The aspect that it talks to you, I didn’t realize that, but it’s very cool,” Khubani said.

The Nofloe that stops snow from going down your sleeve for the next brutal winter.

“Our claim to fame is our deicing solution. The solution itself is stored in our custom built canisters. These canisters are easily inserted into the device and leave no mess behind,” a student said.

“What I like about it is it just looks impressive. It looks like it wouldn’t dare snow on your car,” Pettengill said.

This is the second year for this competition. Montclair State Alum and TeleBrands founder Khubani says the entuprenural spirit is important to the US economy.

“There would be no economy if it weren’t for entrepreneurs,” Khubani said.

And the winner: Money 4 Scholars — an app connecting college kids with homeowners who need odd jobs done.

The judges described the competition as fierce and the students ingenuity as impressive.