MSU Student Discusses ‘Ryan’s Heart’ Documentary

Montclair State University student Ryan Miller, who shared his experience of getting a heart transplant and meeting his donor’s parents in the documentary series “Ryan’s Heart,” said he never had second thoughts about wanting to put his story out to the public. He sat down with NJ Today Managing Editor Mike Schneider to discuss his thought process.

Miller said his goal was to show people that a sudden illness could happen to anyone. “I was a regular kid playing sports in high school and I got sick and then I needed a heart transplant,” he said. “We just wanted to let as many people know as possible that organ donation is important.”

During the time when Miller was in the hospital waiting for the transplant, he said his family and friends were always there to support him. “This, I think, brought my family closer than ever,” he said. “We found out how tough we were as people and how strong we were as a family.”

Miller said he always wanted to meet Dawna and Stephen Tucker, the parents of his donor Dakarai. “I knew from the get-go that if they were ready for us, we were certainly ready for them,” Miller said. “That was the big thing for me. I wanted to bring the Tucker family some closure. I thought that was the most important thing.”


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