Meteorologist Says Snowstorm Will Affect All of New Jersey

A major snowstorm is headed our way and it could be pretty bad for some in New Jersey. NJ Today Managing Editor Mike Schneider spoke with Gary Szatkowski, Meteorologist-in-Charge at the National Weather Service in Mount Holly, to get a sense of the scale of the storm on the Garden State.

The hardest to be hit on the Northeast will in the New England area. “The Boston area [will have] some very impressive snow amounts coming their way,” said Szatkowski.

So how much snow should New Jerseyans expect? It depends. Szatkowski says to expect snow amounts ranging from 1-2 inches in the south and possibly over a foot of snow in the northernmost part of the state. But everyone in the state, Szatkowski says, will see snow.


Strong winds are also expected, most especially along the Atlantic coast, according to Szatkowski, who is concerned that the combination of snow and wind will produce dangerous driving conditions for the evening commute on Friday. “That would be really from everyone probably along the I-78 corridor northward starting to snow pretty heavy by rush hour tomorrow and the winds are starting to pick up,” said Szatkowski.

Some of the hardest hit along the Jersey shore by Hurricane Sandy may be hit again with this storm. While this storm is not Sandy, Szatkowski warns that coastal flooding is a real concern with regard to the Raritan Bay, Monmouth and Ocean counties, and in the New York Harbor area. “Along the Atlantic coast, there’ll be some pretty big wave action too [with waves 5 to 7 feet,” Szatkowskisaid. “The high tide we’re worried about most is the one right around sunrise on Saturday morning.”

Any hope that the Garden State may be spared by this nor’easter has evaporated, according to Szatkowski.

“[A] couple days ago that certainly was a possibility but we’re kind of running out of options here,” said Szatkowski. “More and more things are lining up, looking like we’re going to be directly impacted and heavily impacted by this storm.”