Meteorologist John Cifelli: Snow, More Record Breaking Cold in the Forecast

Figid temperatures have been affecting New Jersey. Meteorologist John Cifelli spoke with NJTV News Correspondent Michael Hill from Trenton Mercer Airport about the record breaking cold and the next snowstorm, set to bring several inches of snow tonight.

New Jersey has been getting a lot of snow and cold lately. “There’s certainly been a pattern to the weather across New Jersey for the past few weeks or so. Every couple days we have a winter weather threat interrupted by extensive, serious cold air,” Cifelli said.

Sunday night brought record breaking cold in Trenton and Atlantic City. Those records had stood since 1888.

But the forecast for Monday night is more about snow. “We are on the northern end of this system which is sliding by to our south and east. As it does so, it’ll spread moisture up from the Gulf of Mexico off the Atlantic and over New Jersey. We will see several inches of accumulation,” Cifelli said. “I’m thinking maybe just an inch or two in far northern New Jersey with two to three, maybe four inches in the center part of the state. And then the further south and east you go, that’s really where the most snowfall accumulation will be. South and east of the Parkway and the Atlantic City Expressway all the way down to Cape May, Cumberland, Atlantic County, coastal Ocean County, that’s where we’ll see up to maybe seven, eight, even nine inches of snow in some places.”

The morning commute, as well as schools, could be affected by the storm because of the timing. “The bulk of the accumulation comes between midnight and 6 a.m. It’s a quick hitter. I think it’s out of here statewide by 9 o’clock in the morning, but because of the timing, I think we will see some delays for the morning commute,” said Cifelli.

Temperatures will be cold for the rest of the week, even below 0 at some points. “Wednesday we see another arctic front pass across New Jersey. There could be some snow showers or even a brief squall of snow Wednesday night into early, predawn Thursday morning. Behind that, Thursday night and Friday night, it might be even colder than it was last night. So we will challenge records once again across New Jersey.”