Meteorologist Cifelli: Record Breaking Cold After Snow Will Give Way to Warmer Temps

Meteorologist John Cifelli was at Monmouth Mall in Eatontown to discuss the latest snow storm with NJTV News Anchor Mary Alice Williams. He said the temperatures will drop overnight and be very cold for Friday, but it will be much warmer for the beginning of next week.

Cifelli said the storm brought six to eight inches of snow for the majority of New Jersey, which was close to predictions. “The snow accumulation was generally right on track with what we were expecting,” he said.

There may be some flurries and light snow showers throughout the night, but Cifelli expects that to be very light, fine snow without much accumulation on the roads.

Spring is on the horizon, after another cold snap. “We’ve got record breaking cold tonight unfortunately. We will see single digit lows overnight. Tomorrow’s temperatures will be in the 20s for high temperatures. And then tomorrow night we’ll dip down into the single digits as well,” Cifelli said. “So it’s gonna be a really, really cold couple 36 hours or so and then we climb the ladder of temperatures. And we’ll see temperatures in the 30s on Saturday, in the 40s on Sunday.”

He also said some parts of the state will see 50 degrees by Tuesday.