Meteorologist Cifelli: Most of NJ Will See 4-8 Inches of Snow

March has come in like a lion. We’re about to get walloped with another round-house punch of winter, maybe close to a foot of it. Meteorologist John Cifelli spoke to NJTV News Anchor Mary Alice Williams from Newark about the forecast.

“It’s really hard to believe that compared to yesterday and tomorrow, this is the best weather day out of the three,” Cifelli said.

He explained that the rain will continue and temperatures will begin to drop from the 40s into the 30s. As a cold front enters New Jersey, temperatures will continue to fall, according to Cifelli, and that will lead to snowfall.

“Overnight we’ll see the transition occur. I think right around midnight starting in Sussex and then into Passaic and Bergen, eventually toward New York City by 2, 2:30 in the morning we’ll see the changeover from rain to snow and then that continues towards dawn by the southern part of the state as well,” Cifelli said. “The snow will be heavy at times, especially right after the changeover. And by the time we’re all said and done, we’re going to be looking at another significant snowfall for New Jersey.”

Cifelli expects most of the state to get between four and eight inches of snow, with less in the far northern corner since snow will probably wind down earlier than other areas, around noon or 1 p.m. The central part of the state will see the changeover early enough to see most of the precipitation fall as snow. “Farther south, things linger there but they’ll deal with warmer temperatures at the start,” he said.

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