Meteorogist Says There’s a Chance for Snow Next Week

After large amounts of snow were predicted last week for Sunday night and today and the snow accumulation ended up being less than predicted, Meteorologist John Cifelli told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider what changed. He also said that winter weather may not be over just because March has hit because there is a chance for snow next week.

“On Saturday and Sunday the models went further south and we saw the precipitation. You don’t want to believe that stuff, you want to say that common sense, intuition and climatology all say that the polar vortex won’t have as much of a strong impact, but it did. We had a lot of dry air on the northern edge of things so we did have significant snowfall accumulation from 195 and southward. It led to nothing in northern New Jersey.”

Tuesday, temperatures will be in the teens but tonight will be the bulk of the cold and it will be some of the coldest air of the year, Cifelli said. He said that there were some sub-zero readings in January but this is the first time that there will be single digit temperatures at the Philadelphia Airport since 1984, exactly 30 years from the first time there were single digits in March.

“As far as what we look at meteorologically, it looks like we have another chance for some snow next week. So unfortunately, I can’t say just yet that we have turned the corner,” said Cifelli.