Meteorologist Says More Snow Will Hit NJ Over the Weekend

Snowfall throughout New Jersey may not be over as another winter storm will be making its way to the state. Meteorologist John Cifelli told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that some road conditions were better following yesterday’s storm.

“The roads in New Jersey today are bare dry on the highways, not so bad on the secondary but really when you get back to the residencies you start to see snow,” said Cifelli.

Cifelli said that some towns in Central Jersey did not have salt trucks out and that no salt was being spread as towns have lower salt supplies across the state. Coming just hours after the storm that left snow across the state, Cifelli said that the new snowfall Saturday will make roads slippery.

As another storm approaches, temperatures Friday night will drop into the low 20s. Clouds will roll in in the morning and there will be no opportunities to see temperatures increase, according to Cifelli. Areas around the state will see various amount of snowfall. South Jersey could get about an inch or two, Central Jersey could see between one to three inches and areas to the far northwest could see between four and six inches.

Windchills throughout the state will make temperatures feel much colder than they are and winds will pick up intensity. According to Cifelli, the storm may make its way out of New Jersey around 8 p.m. Saturday.

Cifelli said that there is a chance of warmer temperatures heading toward the end of next week, with temperatures possibly reaching 50 degrees.

“We just have to get through this weekend, we have to get through the snow,” said Cifelli.