Merck Will Move from Readington Township to Summit

By Dari Kotzker
NJ Today

Merck announced it’s moving its global headquarters from Readington Township to Summit, about 30 miles east. Merck has been located in Readington Township for 20 years, so Township officials were surprised with the relocation news.

In a press release, Merck officials said, “the relocation is part of the company’s ongoing program to consolidate its global real estate footprint and lower its annual operation expenses.”


The move will affect Readington Township’s tax base and the local economy. “We do have a large group from Merck coming in here for lunch every day, you know we do offer them as discounts and incentive to come here, so having them not in the area is definitely going to affect our business,” said Alan Rosario, Readington Township business owner.

While Readington Township is losing employees, Summit is gaining them, so Summit’s mayor is looking forward to the new influx of people.

The transition is expected to start in 2014 and be completed by mid-2015. Readington Township officials and business owners hope Merck will find a new buyer or tenant before the move is complete.