Acting Trenton Mayor: Tony Mack Administration Was Corrupt

Acting Mayor of Trenton George Muschal is attempting to turn things around in the city, but he told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that the administration under Mayor Tony Mack was corrupt.

Muschal said that the candidates that are trying to run for mayor of Trenton right now will be allowed to participate in the upcoming election. A judge ruled Friday that the election would still occur May 13 even though several candidates lacked the required number of signatures.

Muschal explained that the clerk made a mistake and gave the candidates the incorrect number of required signatures and he owned up to it. He said that the clerk calculated the wrong numbers and as soon as he owned up to it, the mistake was corrected immediately.

The acting mayor said that he has disagreements with Trenton Police Chief Ralph Rivera over policing styles. Muschal said that he has done inner city policing and Rivera did highway patrol — two different types.

Muschal said he would like to see Rivera gone because he is not doing the work that he expects him to do. He added that all of the candidates that are running to be the next mayor all said that Rivera would be replaced.

At this point in time, Muschal said he is not endorsing any of the candidates, until there is a runoff.

Muschal also serves as council president, which he said is not a conflict of interest.

The most important action that Muschal said that he has taken so far in office is exhibiting the qualities of honesty, loyalty, integrity and giving the people someone they can trust. He said that those previously in office were stealing from the people of Trenton and there was full blown corruption in the city.

Muschal said that more people in the government should be charged with crimes and there are a number of people who hold governmental positions that should be charged. He said that he has already gone to the prosecutor’s office and is dealing with different issues right now.

He said that he has put out enough information for more charges to be filed.

“In a roundabout way, they are all involved with the Tony Mack administration. That administration was totally corrupt. There is no doubt in my mind, being a police officer for 40 years. I can stand here and tell you it was corruption all the way. When they came out and said we are going to fill our pockets up and nobody is going to stop us, when you have a mayor telling you that he is like Teflon and no one is going to touch him, it was corruption and that’s the way to look at it,” said Muschal.