May 27, 2016: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

The governor has signed and sealed the bill buying time for Atlantic City to stave off a state takeover. Now all Atlantic City has to do is deliver.

Why aren’t Atlantic City businesses elated over the stay of execution? Might they fear 150 days is too short a time to dig out of debt?

Why can an engineer with so many DWIs he’s lost his driver’s license still be allowed to operate an NJ Transit train full of passengers?

And start your engines. The summer driving season is in full swing. We’ll tell you why your ride to the shore is a little smoother and a lot cheaper.

You’ll meet a cohort of kids learning the art of the deal and then some at a business incubator for the swing-set set.

And less barking but more howling. Some canines are better at being predators than house pets. They’re a cross between dogs and wolves. Emphasis on wolves.