May 20, 2016: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

Trump shadow-boxes with Clinton, jokes with Christie and raises enough to pay down state Republicans’ debt and much of former candidate Christie’s too.

A campaign to extend nationally a uniform policy on paid sick leave for workers who fear they’ll lose their livelihoods if a loved one gets sick.

Uniform policies on approving gun permits in New Jersey are still not uniformly applied even though Gov. Christie has directed police departments follow the law.

Few are enthused by the population explosion of Canada geese. But gassing them to death? Some are asking if there’s not a better way.

The East Coast’s answer to South by Southwest. A magnet for entrepreneurs, disrupters and the people they hope will support their startups.

And a special delivery brings a busy newsroom to heel. Few things force reporters to a mandatory snuggle break like a bin full of puppies.