March 22, 2016: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

High stakes poker. Pending an infusion of tax revenue, Atlantic city’s mayor says he’ll shut down non-essential government services, even as he fights a state takeover.

Fighting addiction to heroin takes more than a rescue dose of Narcan. We’ll show you how recovery coaches work.

Rescue and recovery in Brussels after twin terror attacks there. There’s no clear threat here. But Gov. Christie is taking measures to heighten security.

Another shot fired in the debate over guns. A lawmaker wants every legislator and judge to get a carry permit.

The battle over a natural gas pipeline through the Pinelands. The state’s given the go-ahead to New Jersey Natural Gas without the approval of locals.

And you’ll meet a little boy debilitated by the effects of lead poisoning, even as legislators fight for funding to remove lead from house paint.