Manalapan Residents Dig Out From Under 15 Inches of Snow

By Lauren Wanko

Manalapan residents this morning awoke to more than 15 inches of snow. Six-year-old Keira Sullivan couldn’t have asked for a better day.

“It’s like so much fun because you can jump in a pile of snow and you can build like snow angels and snowmans,” she said.

When asked what it’s like to be home with the kids on a snow day, Keira’s mom, Carolyn Sullivan, said, “It’s good and bad. It’s a good thing because they can get out because if they were in the house I think they’d drive all of us crazy.”

The Manalapan Public Works crew just finished plowing and salting early this morning. They were on the job throughout the night. The amount of snowfall made it that much harder for the crews plowing.

“What you need to do a lot of times is you go out and do it two or three times depending on how much snow, how quickly it comes down,” said Alan Spector of the DPW.

Manalapan’s salt dome has literally tons of salt, but just to give you a sense of how much crews used yesterday, before the snow hit the amount of salt here was above my head.

“Between the salt and the contractors and the overtime and maintenance on the equipment, it’s probably a $100,000 storm for us,” Spector said.

Officials say that figure could rise. It’s too soon to tell.

“We also have a snow trust so money’s put aside for the good years, where it’s banked and years like this we end up using it up, so this year is going to be costly,” said Deputy Mayor Jack McNaboe.

Commuters last night drove through dangerous road conditions making for a miserable ride home. Today, more than hundreds flights were canceled at Newark Liberty International Airport, but no significant delays were reported. New Jersey Transit’s website yesterday was off-line for about three hours. An NJ Transit Spokesperson says, it was “…a result of a technical issue which was experienced and resolved by the website’s hosting company. Throughout this time, NJ Transit communicated with our customers in real-time through social media channels…as well as through the live operators leading our Transit Information Center.”

Back in Manalapan, residents worked through the morning clearing out their driveways.

“It’s tiring. It’s not too bad because the snow is light so it goes pretty fast. I can handle it, I need the exercise though,” said resident Bob Roma.

“There’s a method to snow blowing. You need to start at one point and work your way out from the middle,” said Sean Sullivan.

“I hate the snow. I’m not a fan of the snow at all but you know if I lived in warmed climates it would just be tropical storms so it’s all the same,” said Joseph Canoro.

At the Manalapan Department of Public Works, crews are grateful to finally head back home. They’ll gear up tomorrow for the next storm.