MacArthur’s Focused on Getting Americans Working

Tom MacArthur won the primary race, beating Steve Lonegan, to become the Congressional District 3 candidate, MacArthur told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that his focus is on getting Americans working again.

When asked what went though his mind when he found out that he had won, MacArthur said, “I was feeling good going into it and and I saw the returns coming back town by town, I just felt a great validation that the voters heard our positive message of getting our country working again and they made their wishes loud and clear. I was pretty grateful and excited.”

MacArthur’s opponent Steve Lonegan is still continuing to characterize MacArthur’s campaign as negative. MacArthur said that his campaign was focused on getting America back to work and as it went into a direction that he didn’t want it to go in, he had to answer the things that Lonegan was saying and highlight his record. He said that his focus has been from the start on things that he can do to get Americans working again, get the government costs under control, get the healthcare system moving in the right direction, and regain America’s place in the world.

When asked what he thinks the United States should do for their tax system, MacArthur said that he thinks the tax system is killing job creation and it has to be made simpler, flatter, and lower. He said that he would much rather trust the American people and businesses to invest their own money wisely and that is what creates economic activity. He said that he would like a flatter tax and he has not seen a flat tax that doesn’t do a great deal of damage to the middle class and seniors, so I wouldn’t go that far. But he said that he thinks taxes should be flatter and simpler.

When asked what he would do about the Affordable Care Act, MacArthur said it is so complicated and he believes that it needs to be replace with free market reforms that really lower costs and improve care. He said that he thinks Obamacare is already starting to kill job creation and it’s going to negatively impact the healthcare system.

“I think Americans have a right to opportunity and I think in a society that creates opportunity there can be certainly wealth enough to afford good healthcare and certainly for those who need a hand up. We are a wealthy society and I think that we can give a hand up,” said MacArthur.

As for gun laws, MacArthur said that his view is that people do have a Second Amendment right but people have to be careful and he does not want guns in the hands of criminals and steps need to be taken to avoid that but law abiding citizens cannot be punished for crimes committed by others.

MacArthur said that his view on abortion rights is pro life. He said that he and his wife raised a handicapped child and they knew that from the fourth month of pregnancy. He said that he is not going to go to Washington to argue with people on this issue. He said that he will work with people to promote a culture of life in the United States.