LG Public Affairs VP: LG’s Willing to Negotiate Englewood Cliffs Headquarters Height

LG Electronics USA, Inc. plans to build a new headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, but some people are opposed to it because they say the building will be too tall. Englewood Cliffs Mayor Joseph Parisi held a press conference where he said that the opponents of the construction plan need to come to a compromise. LG Electronics USA, Inc. Public Affairs Vice President John Taylor told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that LG is willing to negotiate with those who oppose the height of the building plan.

When asked if he would negotiate with the opponents, Taylor said that LG has been willing for the past year to enter into reasonable discussions with the other side. He said that a year ago, there was a court supervised mediation during which LG was prepared to make significant reductions in height to the building and it was frustrating because he said that LG entered that meeting with high hopes that a compromise would be reached but the opponents were not willing to negotiate.

Taylor said that they need to try to find a middle ground, somewhere between the tree line and the current height of the building plan. He said that LG has been open to hearing reasonable offers ever since the meeting a year ago. The press conference held by Parisi was to help accelerate the process, said Taylor.

Taylor said that the press conference was Parisi’s idea and he was aware of LG’s willingness to have a conversation with the opponents.

There is legislation moving through the state Senate that would stop the project and ban any high rise structure from going up along the Palisades. Taylor said that the court challenges are behind LG and there is an appeal pending but LG is confident that the appeals court will find that the trial court ruled properly, that the approval of the project was done in accordance with law. He said that no one knows where that state bill is going and there has been a lot of noise on both sides.

When asked if the bill makes it to Gov. Chris Christie’s desk and it becomes law, if LG would be gone, Taylor said that he would not make any threats about leaving the state. He said that LG really wants to stay in Englewood Cliffs but the clock is ticking and LG has business needs that require it to have a certain amount of square footage in a certain time frame. He said that something has to happen soon.

Taylor said that LG explored over 200 locations several years ago, and there were many viable options around the country.

Taylor said that the current facility is in the demolition process that started last November. He said that it will be concluded this summer. He said that it is in shambles right now because the demolition is in process, but LG hopes to be able to begin construction later this year.