Lautenberg’s Widow Endorses Frank Pallone for U.S. Senate

By Dari Kotzker
NJ Today

Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s widow chose a shopping center as a symbolic place to make her public endorsement. Bonnie Lautenberg’s backing Congressman Frank Pallone for Senate, because she says he and the late senator worked to clean up the former Superfund site and defend the environment.

“When my husband needed help in the House of Representatives on an environmental issue, he always knew what to do. He called Frank Pallone. Frank Pallone was the go-to guy, the one that had experience and know how to get things. So if you care about the environment, my message is simple — stick with Frank,” said Lautenberg.

Pallone touted his record of getting things done and his productive working relationship with Sen. Lautenberg. He highlighted their Superfund and brownfields legislation and the Beach Protection Act.

“One of the main things that Sen. Lautenberg believed in and I did as well is what we call the right to know, the idea if the public knows what the pollution problem is, then they will get involved themselves and take responsibility to make sure that the government and the agencies works with elected officials and agencies to correct the pollution problems,” Pallone said. “One of the main themes that I’ve been using in this campaign is that I’m the candidate with the experience — over 20 years in the House — who can get things done and I’ve prided myself on that over the years.”

Pallone, along with Newark Mayor Cory Booker released new campaign ads on TV today. And Congressman Rush Holt has a new internet ad. Recent polls show Booker leading in the primary race.

“Being great on TV and raising money outside of the state doesn’t mean that you’re going to be the most effective in the United States Senate. You have look at how they’ve done in their current jobs, and I know Frank Pallone has done a really good job representing his district in the House of Representatives and will do a great job in representing the citizens of New Jersey as United States senator,” said Lautenberg.

With less than a month to go until the primaries, Pallone says having the Lautenberg family’s endorsement will help his campaign.

“I think the people that go to the polls are going to be very conscious of the issues and are gonna want somebody who’s actually effective in getting things done. I don’t think they really care about celebrity status or who they’ve seen on a talk show and I believe that very strongly,” Pallone said. “I don’t really think the polls matter. It’s only election day that matters.”

Bonnie Lautenberg also spoke highly of Congressman Rush Holt, but said her family felt Pallone was the best candidate to win the seat.