June 21, 2016: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

Christie calls for sweeping change to the troubled school funding formula. Instead of sending 58 percent of aid to just 5┬ápercent of school districts, he’s calling for a flat rate for all.

Securing transit hubs. Legal, medical and tactical experts run a field test of our preparedness to handle the unthinkable.

Redlining’s illegal. But pinklining? The twist on the discredited practice targeting people of color is back, this time targeting only women.

Information technology is informing the way patients are being cared for. Removing the wires and giving new meaning to the term health monitor.

One health center is answering a growing need for nurses by reaching into high schools to give promising students an intensive boot camp.

And on the spot where George Washington vanquished the Red Coats, a new Battle of Princeton with the Brits fighting on the side of history.