July 4, 2016: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

The tale of two rivers. Traveling across the Hudson for work costs you double in state income taxes. But if you commute across the Delaware, you’re off the hook.¬†At least for now.

On this most patriotic day of the year, a new group of citizens takes the oath to become Americans.

Nothing says America like embattled politicians and contentious campaigns. What are Gov. Christie’s chances at the VP ticket for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump amid the brewing Bridgegate trial?

School consolidation. It sounds good. But can it work? And how much would it save?

And the other reason people will be looking to the sky tonight. It’s not the fireworks. NASA’s Juno aircraft begins the next leg of it’s mission — orbiting around the planet Jupiter. And it’s only got one shot to get it right.