Juan Gutierrez: Rubio Stands Out Among All of the Republican Candidates

Presidential candidates have been descending on New Jersey prospecting for gold or the campaign cash equivalent. Hillary Clinton was hosted by rocker Jon Bon Jovi along the Navisink. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush raised nearly half a million at a no-jeans, no-cell-phones country club there. Last night, Chris Christie was raising money in Mantaloking and Florida Senator Marco Rubio hit horse country at a fundraiser hosted by construction magnate Juan Gutierrez — who spoke with Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron.

Gutierrez estimates that about 200 people were in attendance at the fundraiser for Rubio. He is not sure how much money was raised. 

When asked about Rubio’s speech at the event, Gutierrez said that Rubio talked about his vision for the United States.

“Well he spoke about his vision of what America should be in the 21st century,” said Gutierrez. “And as you know Marco was very eloquent and I think that’s one of the reasons that he has a big chance of being our next president.” 

During his campaign, Rubio has portrayed himself as someone of a new generation — by comparing himself with the the biggest retailers and companies in the world that don’t operate in the same manner as the older businesses. 

“He’s trying to tell us the old structure of doing business is no longer what it used to be and that we need new leaders that understand it so that we can take on the rest of the world, the global market,” Gutierrez said. 

When asked if Rubio comes across as too young to some people, Gutierrez said that Rubio is not as young as he appears and that he is 44 years old. He also said that Rubio is older than John F. Kennedy and Teddy Roosevelt were when they were elected president. Gutierrez also said that Rubio currently is right around the same age President Barack Obama was when he was elected. 

During a recent radio interview, Gutirrez described the presidential candidates as to having Hollywood qualities. He said that the way most of the candidates are presented today is similar to one of a Hollywood actor. 

“I was describing any presidential candidate, you know that because of television and the way that we get presented the candidates to us today,the candidate almost have to be a Hollywood actor or Hollywood star sort of,” he said. “You know people don’t pay too much attention any more. I think as to the experience they have and the proof is in Barack Obama. But they do pay attention to how he looks, the passion that he has and his oratory is very important and I think that of all the Republican candidates that’s where Marco stands out. And on top of it I mean he’s smart and he’s good looking, so I think he has the whole package.”

On how he first met Rubio, Gutierrez said that they met during an event in Miami that he had been invited to, around the time that Rubio had entered the Legislature in Florida. He also said that he was impressed with Rubio during their first encounter. According to Gutierrez, he along with his wife attended a fundraiser for Rubio when he first ran for U.S. Senate. Gutierrez said that the fundraiser held in 2010 was the first fundraiser that he held for Rubio at his house.