John Mooney on Education Reform

In an in-depth conversation with NJToday’s Mike Schneider, John Mooney, Founding Editor of, spoke about upcoming education reform bills during this lame duck legislative session. Expect tenure reform and school voucher bills in December, says Mooney. Existing teacher tenure rules will have to change, he says. But how evaluations are administered is still to be determined. Despite the cool and, at times hostile, reception of Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf at this year’s NJEA convention, Mooney thinks the rancorous tone between the administration and the union has tone down considerably. While the mercurial tone of the governor is hard to predict, Mooney says that both Cerf and the union have expressed a willingness to talk to one another. In fact, Mooney thinks that the union has compromised more in the last year than anytime in the past ten years.