Inverso Says Campaign Against Greenstein Is Vicious

With the election for the Senate seat in the 14th District approaching on Nov. 5, candidate Peter Inverso told NJ Today Managing Editor Mike Schneider that this is the most vicious and malicious campaign he has ever been involved in.

“I think I have run a very positive campaign focusing on the issues we believe the people are concerned about and offering solutions and remedies that we feel that we can implement when we return to the state house,” Inverso said about his campaign strategy.

His opponent, Senator Linda Greenstein, has been campaigning against Inverso by putting out different stories every week that distort Inverso’s image and are just outrageous, Inverso said.

“This has been one of the most vicious and malicious campaigns of any campaign that I’ve been involved with and I’ve been involved with some bad ones over the years,” Inverso said.

People are starting to respond that what is being said about Inverso is wrong and people that know him from his 16 years in the senate know that is not the way to wage the campaign, Inverso said.

Inverso said that at the beginning of the campaign, he sent a letter to Greenstein saying lets focus on issues and debate them because that is what people want to hear and lets not degrade into a negative and nasty campaign. Greenstein did not respond to this letter.

He said that he thinks that Greenstein is going after him by mischaracterizing him as an incompetent offender and an individual that has caused people to lose their jobs because they fear him because he has a lot of support and believes that he reallyt could take the seat from her.

“I’m not shocked, I expected it to be high contested and that is fine, it helps people make up their minds. I just didn’t think that it would degrade to level that it has now,” Inverso said.

Greenstein has claimed that Inverso is responsible for his bank being weak and forcing the merge, being responsible for 57 people not retaining their jobs, and paying himself $2 million. Inverso said that those comments are all outrageous to him and untrue.

“It has been a constant assault on my character, my integrity, my professionalism, you name it, they’ve seen to it. We are still here and still standing,” Inverso said.