Holiday Shoppers Take to the Internet for Cyber Monday

By Lauren Wanko

Holiday shopper Matt Branigan is browsing today for Christmas gifts — online.

When asked what the incentive was for buying today, Branigan said, “There’s steep discounts. It’s easy to buy things online.”

After a weekend of holiday sales, retailers are hoping to lure eager shoppers to the internet for Cyber Monday. And the sales pitches are working for some.

“We’re looking forward to some big gifts this year so we’ll definitely have to have them delivered,” said Valerie Ornstein.

Still others insist Cyber Monday is no different then any other Monday.

“People always rush for sales around this time of year but I have gotten better deals outside of holidays,” said Carla Choice.

“You get sick of staring at computer screens and I hope this is the right size and I really don’t want to send things back. Sometimes it’s more of a hassle than a help,” said Jean Fowley.

Cyber Monday is expected to generate $1.8 billion in sales this year — a double digit increase over last year.

“I have not gone online shopping yet. I’ve been supporting our local businesses here in Hoboken,” said Sheilla Dallara.

Some local businesses got a boost this weekend on Small Business Saturday, which is projected to generate $5.7 million in sales this year — up more than 3 percent from last year.

“This year I feel like crowds were out in full force supporting small businesses,” said Hannah Caillier.

That’s something many business owners were counting on. Small Business Saturday lands between some of the biggest shopping days of the year — Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

“Yeah, there’s a lot of competition. Anyone can log in. You can pretty much Google anything you could ever imagine. Amazon, it makes it really hard to compete price wise,” Caillier said.

When asked if it’s hard to compete as a small business owner, Kathleen Childs said, “Yeah, it’s pretty much impossible. There’s just no, you just can’t.”

That’s why retailers are springing into action to offer customers incentives in the store.

“We can offer personalized service, we can offer personal shopping, free gift wrapping, hands on and instant gratification, as opposed to online shopping,” Childs said.

The Town House Shop is offering a number of discounts today, hoping to entice customers through their doors.

“Cyber Monday really gets people to stay home and shop so being a small business owner you really have to give incentives to come and look around in the store, shop around and interact,” said Lindsay Carr.

And with Christmas less then a month away, these business owners hope customers continue to shop, in their stores.