High schoolers learn what it takes to be police officers

BY Raven Santana, Correspondent |

It wasn’t an ordinary week of summer camp for 112 teenagers from Monmouth County, who braved the heat and humidity to see if they have what it takes to have a career in law enforcement. It’s all as part of Sheriff Youth Week.

The annual program, now its 27th year, runs July 8-12. Each day, teens are exposed to a new aspect of police training led by municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement officials.

In addition to the wide range of sessions, students are also taught about drills and other physical training. The program also includes workshops that teach teens about the dangers of drugs and distracted driving. Students receive a formal graduation ceremony for completing the program on its final day.

Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden says many of the program’s graduates have gone on to professions in law enforcement and public safety.