Hertz Equipment Rental to Hire Hundreds

New Jersey-based Hertz is looking to hire approximately 200 people in the United States as other companies like Roche are closing locations and cutting jobs. Vice President for Business Development for Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation Aaron Birnbaum told NJ Today Managing Editor Mike Schneider that he has seen pickup in the construction industry throughout the state.

Birnbaum said Hertz is hiring for various jobs from mechanics and drivers to inside and outside sales positions, at a variety of experience levels. The company held job fairs across the country this week in 50 key markets and interviewing was done on site. So far the response has been positive with more than 150 responses in key markets and more than 50 yesterday alone in the Newark and New York area.


Hertz has seen growth more than other companies. “We’ve seen some pickup in our business over the past three quarters in the U.S. and we tend to grow a couple points higher than the GDP here in the U.S.,” Birnbaum said. “When the economy’s expanding we tend to expand a little bit faster.”

Birnbaum’s division differs from the car rental portion of Hertz because it focuses on the construction and industrial markets. He said he has seen non home construction expand in the last three quarters.

“There’s some fundamentals going on. It’s really across the country,” Birnbaum said. “Energy, oil and gas has been expanding, creating more job opportunities and the major markets have begun to get back a little bit to their normal pace of construction growth.”

Hertz has its headquarters in Park Ridge and Birnbaum said the economic climate for his sector is getting better. “The New Jersey and New York area is one of our key construction markets so over the last year and a half it’s expanded,” he said. “We’re not back to the time prior to the recession, but it has been picking up.”

Birnbaum says Hertz has two or three national companies it competes with, but says the industry is very fragmented. “The largest four equipment rental suppliers own less than 30 percent of the marketplace so there’s a lot of opportunity for consolidation and there has been quite a bit of consolidation going on in the last couple of years,” he said.

The biggest surprise in the last few years for Birnbaum has been the resiliency of the marketplace. “This [hiring] is getting us back into our normal state of business as well as where we have expansion opportunities we’re putting extra personnel in,” he said.

The expansion opportunities also come from an acquisition, Birnbaum explained. “We did an acquisition in the greater New York area and New Jersey area to build our network here in the past three months so some of these new positions are going in to build that growth that we planned for,” he said.