Harvey Says Super Bowl Security Measures Have Been Extraordinary

With Super Bowl XLVIII just a few days away, increased security measures at the Meadowlands are starting to take effect. Former New Jersey Attorney General Peter Harvey said that security measures have been extraordinary.

“This is the Super Bowl and the preparations for it have been nothing short of extraordinary,” said Harvey. “But they also show how easy it is to coordinate public and private enforcement teams to make sure that an event is safe.”

To prepare for the big game at MetLife Stadium, Harvey says the Domestic Security Task Forces ran exercises to prepare for any kind of disaster — natural or man-made. According to Harvey, protocols have been put in place with local law enforcement, state law enforcement, federal law enforcement and the private sector to make sure that there will be plenty of security.

With the Super Bowl happening in New Jersey and with its proximity to New York, Harvey says that there has to be tight security and preparations against terrorist attacks.

“Remember, the Super Bowl is probably the single largest single day sporting event in the world, not just only with its viewership but its participation and its television coverage,” said Harvey. “So people who wish to do us harm would want to pick a venue like that to do it.”

Just a few days after the Super Bowl in New Jersey, another sporting event will be taking place — the Winter Olympics happening in Sochi, Russia. Since terroristic threats have been made toward the Olympic Games, Harvey said that he would go to the games but would select his venues carefully. With several Olympic events occurring in various areas throughout Russia, Harvey said that not all venues will be in the zone of danger to the same extent as others.

Harvey served as Attorney General after David Samson. Despite Samson’s name being in emails that have surfaced in the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal, Harvey says that Samson is a talented and brilliant lawyer who has developed a fine reputation. As the investigations continue on the bridge lane closures, Harvey says people have to be careful and not rush to judgement.

“We have to find out what’s in the records and what the activity was, but we ought not reach a conclusion quickly that something was done,” Harvey said.

Harvey said that he does not know all of the facts on the bridge lane closures but by what has been reported, a line might have been crossed, although the full story is yet to be known.

As a former Attorney General, Harvey says that an investigation is unavoidable and that the legislature is going to look at the case carefully as well as United States Attorney Paul Fishman conducting an investigation. Harvey said that the question remaining is whether the Attorney General’s Office or any county prosecutors will also assert themselves within the investigation.