Guadagno dubs Murphy ‘the tax man’

BY David Cruz, Senior Correspondent |

There are just over two months to go before Election Day, and, as summer ends and autumn begins to show its face, the race for governor will start to warm up soon. But, right now, a candidate can still linger a bit at a local stop and press the flesh, as Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno was doing Tuesday morning.

“You know, 70 days from today, you all have a very clear choice. It’s very clear now. You can vote for a Goldman Sachs millionaire, who has promised to increase your taxes, or you can vote for a working mom, a former sheriff, a soon to be former lieutenant governor who has created 300,000 jobs in the state of New Jersey, who has promised to lower your taxes or not run again,” said Guadagno.

Joined by Republicans Assembly Minority Leader, Jon Bramnick and Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean, Guadagno’s message was, as it has been since she announced her candidacy, taxes. And, on that topic, Guadagno was not subtle.

“Phil Murphy, in short, is the tax man. It’s really that simple. He has promised $75 billion in increased expenditures, whether it’s fully funding pre-K, fully funding the school funding formula, which is K-12, free college education, fully funding the pensions, fully funding health care, a state bank of New Jersey, any of those,” she said.

Taking a page out of Gov. Christie’s playbook, Guadagno took questions from the press in front of a friendly crowd of supporters, covering a wider range of subject matter.

On the two percent cap on arbitration awards to public employees, she’s for maintaining it. The other guy?

“We’re looking at everything. We want to come out in the right place, and we will,” said Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy.

“Phil Murphy wants to be the governor of this state and he has no opinion on it. I’ll tell you why he doesn’t have an opinion on it. He can’t say it out loud because he’s made promises to everyone. Everyone!” said Guadagno.

On the troubled status of NJ Transit, she offered this comment.

“I have said that I would accept the resignation of every person you’re entitled to accept the resignation of and make them reapply for their jobs,” promised Guadagno.

When NJTV News asked if there was any update on whether the president is going to come help her campaign Guadagno replied, “No. No update. Sorry, to be more specific, no update.”

Guadagno also commented on the governor’s political advice, which she has reportedly been getting from him.

“I’m not going to comment on whether he is or he isn’t. If the governor is advising me, those conversations are private. Anything else? Next question,” responded Guadagno.

The lieutenant governor hung around to answer more questions and just shoot the breeze with residents, but with 70 days left in the campaign, spending that kind of time in one place may soon become inadvisable.