GRAMMY Museum Coming to Newark’s Prudential Center

By Maddie Orton
Arts Correspondent

The GRAMMY Awards are coming up this Sunday, but if one day of GRAMMY grandeur a year isn’t enough, Newark’s Prudential Center has you covered. The arena is set to add a GRAMMY Experience Museum to its ground floor this fall.

“It’s a great example of a public private partnership to bring arts back, and we want to do our little part,” said Prudential CEO Scott O’Neill.

The museum has 3 other locations: Mississippi; Nashville, Tennessee; and its flagship in L.A. But this will be the first on the East Coast.

“Newark has this incredible music tradition here going all the way back to the early part of the last century. So, having a great place like this, and also being a part of a city that’s absolutely on the rebound, and to work with some these kids here, it was a slam dunk. You’re going to walk into the GRAMMY Museum Experience with this amount of music knowledge and passion, and if we did our job right you’ll walk away with this,” gestured Bob Santelli, GRAMMY Museum’s Executive Director.

The museum will include interactive exhibits on mixing and remixing tracks, performing live and creating your own rap. Of course there will also be a section dedicated entirely to the awards themselves.

Arts education will be a big focus in this GRAMMY museum as it is in the other locations.

“So you’re going to see us right away coming up and interacting with Newark school teachers to get their take on what they want in the museum to be an educational resource,” said Santelli.

GRAMMY-winning hip hop recording artists Treach and Vinnie of Naughty by Nature think this will help inspire the next generation of musicians.

“Now that the museum is here, for up and coming artists, it will give them a history of music in general, but in particular the people from Jersey,” said Vinnie. “Now the kids will be able to touch, feel, see and start playing, and, hey, step into the shoes of their ancestors.”

New Jersey is no doubt a music powerhouse in its own right, so special focus will be given to GRAMMY-winning groups like Naughty By Nature, and artists like Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston and so many more.