Gaming Publisher Says if Hard Rock Buys Revel it Could Return Attention to Atlantic City

There are buyers interested in the Revel Casino in Atlantic City, one of them being the Hard Rock International, and Global Gaming Business publisher Roger Gros told NJTV News Senior Correspondent Desiree Taylor that Hard Rock International buying Revel could return attention to the city.

Gros said that the current owners of Revel are looking to get out and selling it is the way to do it and help Atlantic City.

He said that the Hard Rock is a good fit because it is the premier casino company in terms of the brand right now. He also said that the design of the Revel lends itself to being kind of a Hard Rock type of theme.

“They are thinking about closing down revel for a month or two to re-theme it inside and to really redesign it in the Hard Rock theme. The match is really good because they have a wonderful theater already in Revel, a couple of smaller theaters, and a lot of little clubs that would really be popular to the hard rock crowd,” Gros said.

The president of Hared Rock has roots in Atlantic City because he started at Bally’s years ago, Gros said. He said that Hard Rock has been toying with the idea of Atlantic City for three or four years because they had planned to build a boutique a couple of years ago but did not go through with it when things got bad in Atlantic City.

“There is a real opportunity here for somebody new to come in with a new highly themed property to return attention to the city. I think Hard Rock is exactly the type of company that could do that,” Gros said.

Cordish Company, which runs Xfinity Live in Philadelphia, as well as other venues, is also interested in the Revel, Gros said. He said that even though Cordish is interested, Hard Rock would make the most sense for the city and the property itself.

When asked about internet gaming, Gros said that it has really brought up the city in terms of the visibility it has in New Jersey.

“This is something that is really going to get a lot of traction for the city and bring more people to the city. I think it is exactly what Governor Christie hoped it would be when he signed the bill,” Gros said.