Fort Lee Mayor Says Real Test of GWB Traffic to Come in September

By Desirée Taylor
NJ Today

It was a rare sight to see, light traffic at the George Washington Bridge this morning. The traffic flowed pretty smoothly despite dire predictions there would be gridlock because of construction that began at the nearby Alexander Hamilton Bridge in New York over the weekend. In anticipation, law enforcement in Fort Lee, one of several communities near the George Washington Bridge, beefed up manpower and plotted possible road closures to ensure area streets would not get inundated with motorists looking to navigate around the congestion.

“It’s the other folks who go into panic mode and race through our streets, that’s what we’re trying to avoid,” said Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich.

So how and why was the traffic nightmare averted? Sokolich has several theories. “I think the lack of congestion was due to the fact it was heavily reported,” he said. “They rearranged their schedule or took other modes of transportation.”

But don’t expect this morning’s relatively easy commute to be the norm. “We’re going to get a true picture as to what the Alexander Hamilton construction is doing to Fort Lee probably after a good five to eight business days,” said Mayor Sokolich. But the real test will come in September when most vacations end and school reopen.