Former Trump golf club workers say management helped them get fraudulent documents

BY Brenda Flanagan, Senior Correspondent |

In the days since Sandra Diaz and four other former housekeepers at Donald Trump’s Bedminster golf club have stepped forward — claiming the club hired unauthorized immigrants and helped them procure fraudulent working papers — workers there are getting fired, the former staffers claimed, as their attorney interpreted.

“Some people are saying that we somehow did something wrong by speaking, that people were fired because we said something,” said Victoria Morales, an unauthorized immigrant. “I have not hurt anyone.”

“We do have information, in fact, that some have even left the country,” said immigration attorney Anibal Romero.

Romero did not know if they did so willingly. He said he has turned over the paperwork to state and federal investigators.

“As far as Victorina is concerned, the golf club management procured a fraudulent Social Security card and a fraudulent green card,” said Romero. “And also, we’ve handed over W-2s, we’ve handed over pay stubs and a series of other documents which we think are relevant.”

Normally, a Social Security number that doesn’t match triggers a red flag from the federal Social Security Administration to employers. It’s unknown whether the club received any notices. Morales and others who complained about their treatment at the gold club say they have received threats.

“There are very few people who have legal documentation there,” said Morales.

“When I was there, I know about 30 people,” said Diaz, who said they, too, got fraudulent documentation through the club.

There’s no evidence the president knew about the issue. The jobs paid $10 to $13 an hour. So why did the women come forward?

“They insulted us, that we didn’t have any documents, that we were immigrants, that we were stupid,” said Morales. “Because there were others who did have legal documentation to work there, and they weren’t insulted or they weren’t coerced into doing work like they did with us.”

The Trump Organization said in a prior statement, “We have tens of thousands of employees across our properties and have very strict hiring practices. If an employee submitted false documentation in an attempt to circumvent the law, they will be terminated immediately.”

The FBI and New Jersey Attorney General’s Office had no comment. Diaz now has legal immigration status through her daughter. She’s not going away.

“It’s time to speak. It’s time to talk about the situation. It’s not time to be quiet anymore,” said Diaz.

Romero is now representing five clients from Trump’s Bedminster golf club. We asked the Trump organization for a comment, and we’ve heard nothing back.