Former Christie Aide Says She’ll Vote for Hillary Clinton

News broke today that Maria Comella, a former aide to Gov. Chris Christie, will be casting her ballot for Hillary Clinton in the November election. NJTV News Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron spoke about the developments with Anchor Mary Alice Williams from the State House.

Williams: Michael, more Trump or consequences for Christie?

Aron: You could say that. This looked at first like it might have been a shot across Chris Christie’s bough, but once you read Maria Comella’s interview with CNN, it’s totally about Donald Trump and her disgust with his Republican candidacy. Maria Comella is someone who Chris Christie was very dependent upon. She was deputy chief for communications, his chief image maker as it were. He used to joke that there was only one person in the office who he was afraid of and it was Maria. She’s a 15-year veteran of Republican politics, worked for Rudy Giuliani’s campaign, worked on Sarah Palin’s vice presidential campaign and it’s quite surprising that she has come out and said she is going to vote for Hillary Clinton this fall.

Williams: Why would she go public, Michael?

Aron: Well that’s a good question and you would wonder that until you read what she said to CNN. She really smacked Donald Trump’s candidacy quite hard. She’s totally disillusioned with it. She said she grew up in a good Republican household with parents who didn’t go to college and voted Republican, but that this Republican is a demagogue. She suggested that he engages in racist and anti-immigrant rhetoric. She called him a divisive figure and she said in these situations, silence is not an option. She made sure that the reader knew that none of this had to do with Chris Christie. She admires Chris Christie. She thought that he would’ve made a much better candidate for president. … I think everyone in the State House is a little taken aback by this. Mary Alice?

Williams: OK, thank you Michael.