Flooding with Winter Storm at Highest Level Since Sandy

By Briana Vannozzi

“It came up to here yeah, as you can see it was all washed out here,” said Ocean City resident Honey Waters.

The water surged through the streets of Ocean City right up to front doors. At one point, all access roads on and off the island were completely shut because the streets were submerged.

“I kept hearing the news say it’s not that bad but they kept showing Ninth Street and that it was closed off. You couldn’t get down here so every time they’re going, ‘It’s not that bad,’ I’m cursing on the television,” Waters said.

Long time resident Waters took pictures from her front window during the height of the storm. All the while fearing she’d need to be rescued if officials called for an evacuation.

“It was worse than Sandy,” she said.

“,” Gov. Chris Christie said.

That was Christie during a press briefing Saturday. Shore residents say they’re frustrated the governor downplayed the severity of their situation.

“It’s flooded here and I’m going I can’t get out my front, I can’t get out my back. I was stuck. And no one told us to leave. I left at Sandy. I packed everything up and I bolted everything down. And anytime they say leave, I get out. No one told me to get out,” Waters said.

Does it make her think about moving? “Yes it did and that’s exactly what our family was talking about yesterday,” she said.

It was all hands on deck for Chris Derrickson’s family. They began ripping out the first floor of his surfside construction office right away after eight inches of water left it drenched.

NJTV News asked Derrickson to explain what he ripped out. “Just trim doors, floors. That’s it so far,” he said with the tone of someone who’s done it before. “Yeah, a few times,” he said.

This is the third re-build for many coastal neighbors. First Irene, then Sandy, now this.

“It was the highest level we’ve seen since Sandy and certainly several years before Sandy caught us off guard a little bit but we’ll have to see what we can make out of it,” said Ocean City Public Information Officer Doug Bergen.

“I’m afraid the properties aren’t going to be worth anything at the rate it’s going. I think it’s getting worse down here, I don’t think it’s getting any better,” Waters said.