Fernando Alonso Tries to Unseat Sen. Bob Gordon in District 38

By Senior Correspondent Desirée Taylor

This embrace by the governor is more than a photo op moment for Republican Senate candidate Fernando Alonso who is hoping to unseat the incumbent, Democrat Bob Gordon.

“I definitely have support of the governor, I mean he is out there with a commercial coming out on TV today,” Alonso said. “I think Christie is a transformational figure. I think we’re going to win.”

Christie acknowledged his support at a campaign stop in Fair Lawn and took aim at Democratic Sen. Gordon.

“Senator Bob Gordon, over the past four years that I have been governor, has always been pushing for higher taxes. How about if we actually elected people who would work with me to cut taxes.” Christie said.

Alonso, an attorney from Oradell, makes the most of Christie’s support in his campaign ad. But Democrat Gordon, who has represented the 38th District in the state Senate since 2008, isn’t fazed that Christie has targeted him. In fact, Gordon has a campaign ad highlighting the fact he has worked with Christie on some issues.

“Our decisions to highlight that in our ads were not based on polling. It was based really on our understanding that our constituents want something done, they want bipartisanship,” Gordon said.

Gordon is battle tested. Despite redistricting and Christie’s influence in the last election, Gordon pulled off a victory. And he doesn’t believe Christie’s coattails will amount to much in this election. He believes his record speaks for itself.

“What I am most proud of is my effort to provide to pass mental health parody. Which would provide equitable insurance treatment of mental illness and substance abuse issues. Also proud of the fracking bill,” Gordon said.

“He hasn’t done anything about flooding, nothing about property taxes,” Alonso said. “I am the person who can do this. I will immediately go in and push for that property tax cut. I will push issues of flooding and I will push to make people come here grow families, grow their businesses, be safe, and come back to New Jersey.”

Alonso greeted voters at the Fair Lawn center today. He’s also planning to blitz the airwaves. Gordon has his own campaign ad. And he says he’s knocked on nearly 5,000 doors to get out the vote.

Another factor to consider in this race is the Latino vote. Alonso, who is of Cuban descent, estimates Hispanics make up about 10 percent of voters in this district, a voting block which could be crucial if this race turns out to be as competitive as some pundits have predicted.