Federal terrorism charges filed against truck attack suspect

BY Briana Vannozzi, Correspondent |

We’re in Paterson outside the home of Sayfullo Saipov where he lives with his wife and three children, though his presence in the neighborhood is said to be minimal.

Here’s what we know: Investigators have been collecting evidence throughout the day. It’s said that he did carry this act out in the name of ISIS. In fact, law enforcement say they found a handwritten note saying that the Islamic State would endure forever. The FBI told media earlier today that Saipov carried this out closely following instructions ISIS gives through its social media channels. Again, the FBI also told media earlier Wednesday that both the Newark and the New York Joint Terrorism Task Forces will be on call 24/7 for the foreseeable future. And for commuters, both in New Jersey and New York, they should expect to see beefed up security at transit hubs.

“New Yorkers and others who utilize our transit system will see a lot more officers, they’ll see a lot more uniforms. They’ll see more officers on the trains. They will see more officers on the platforms. They should expect more bag checks at more stations. There will be more canines, explosive-detecting canines in our subway system,” said Chief Carlos Gomez from the New York City Police Department.

Again, Saipov is the 29-year-old suspect. Now, law enforcement has said that he is a legal immigrant here from Uzbekistan. The program that he came here through is called the Lottery Visa Diversity program. Today [Wednesday], President Trump called for an end to that program. The White House is also calling Saipov an enemy combatant. Earlier today [Wednesday], federal prosecutors in New York did file terrorism charges and they are also seeking a second person for questioning with regard to this truck attack. We should also mention that one of the victims is a 32-year-old from New Milford in Bergen County in New Jersey.